Sony make.believe



CHLOE and daughter SOPHIA live in a rundown motel on a lonely highway pit stop. As the proprietor of the motel, Chloe is in financial trouble and has quietly allowed a prostitution operation to run on the premises under the supervision of BILLY, a corrupt cop whose affection for Chloe is unrequited.

One night, TOPO, a nearly blind career criminal, and his driver stop over at the motel while en route to deliver cash to an unknown boss. An accident causes Topo to lose his driver, and their car is taken to the police impound with the money still inside.

Robbed of his money and his surrogate set of eyes, Topo takes Chloe and Sophia hostage, and forces Chloe to be his new driver and guide, using Sophia as collateral. They set out after Billy, who has stolen the money from the impounded car.

Attempting to save her daughter and capitalize on the situation, Chloe strikes a deal with Topo to split the cash, hoping to use her share of the money to escape to a better life. But soon she gets in over her head, and a series of double-crosses leaves a cloud of mayhem in this story about desperation and survival.


Cast & Crew

Directed by Benson Lee
Written by Brin Hill and Chris Parker
Produced By
Beau Flynn
Tripp Vinson
Amy Lo
Executive Producers
Will Packer
Glenn S. Gainor
Rich + Tone Talauega
Josh Holloway
Laz Alonso
Josh Peck
Caity Lotz
and Chris Brown as Rooster